Elementary School Program Overview

Each grade includes the four core subjects—language arts, math, science, and social studies—along with music and art, plus world language options beginning in third grade. Courses are flexibly paced are complemented by a wealth of hands-on materials including storybooks, science kits, art supplies, math manipulatives, and more.

Dedicated, Local Teacher

Bend-La Pine Schools Online has a local teacher assigned to all K-5 students. This teacher meets with every new family to create an enrollment plan and then oversees all facets of the instructional experience for every subject, while you, as the parent/Learning Coach, work side-by-side with your child to facilitate progress through the daily lessons.

Our local teacher offers weekly supplementary workshops which all students are welcome to attend. Additionally, our local teacher coordinates group outings and student presentation days to give kids a varied and rich K-5 experience throughout the year.

Personalized Attention

On average, you can expect to spend 4 to 6 hours per day supporting your child’s education. Our teacher stays in close contact, communicating regularly by e-mail, phone, and online chat.


    Bend-La Pine Schools Online can be used alone or in any combination with a Bend-La Pine elementary school, including the following:

    • Attend school full time + take online courses
    • Attend school part time + take online courses
    • Not attend school at all, take 1 or more online courses instead

    For more information, or to begin customizing your enrollment, please contact us!